I Love Music Majors

Apr 27

Conrad Tao (b. 1994) is such a cutie. He is a composer, violinist, and pianist. He tours and performs around the US and abroad to perform while also attending the Columbia-Juilliard joint program. 

Tao has long studied piano with Yoheved Kaplinsky and Choong Mo Kang at Juilliard and composition with Christopher Theofanidis of Yale University, and for five years he studied violin with Catherine Cho at Juilliard’s Pre-College Division. He also studied for six summers at the Aspen Music Festival and School from 2004 to 2009, mostly playing violin, and although “he has moved his focus away from violin, Tao considers his [summers] as a member of the [Aspen] violin section critical to his success as a piano soloist. … ‘I’ve gained an understanding of the dynamic between orchestra and soloist’.”

You can listen to him on his solo piano album, The Juilliard Sessions: Conrad Tao Plays Debussy and Stravinsky, and a synthpop album, Eyelids.

Can I play one of your pieces? or maybe we can play a duet? 

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